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    El amor no sabe de edades.

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    • Danielle Persky

      do this every year on your anniversary... and see the changes through the years! I saw that Gene Simmons and family does a similar thing but the parents take a photo with their children every year on their birthday and frame them... it is so cute and I am stealing that idea when I have children. I don't know if I could get Brian to kiss me for a photo like that every year ;)

    • Betty Lai

      never too much sweetness in your life. Kiss the one that you love everyday until the end of the world!

    • UnitedHumanity: TheNewBeginning

      Sweet! Every year on your anniversary capture a photo... and see the changes through the years!..... great Idea!

    • Cindy Jane Grewar

      LOVE MEANS FOREVER. (I am a strong believer in love. I feel that true love is something that is the same among all. It sets apart boundaries and brings together people all over the world. I hope to one day find the love of my life. I know he is out there, but our time to meet hasn't come yet.) #quote

    • Keri Alers

      so I think I want to take a picture at my wedding of the youngest kissing, us kissing, and the oldest couple kissing... Cute idea

    • Colleen Cox

      do this (take a cheek kiss picture) every year on your anniversary... and see the changes through the years!..... Very cute Idea

    • The Bucket List Life

      This gives me an idea, with a word change and family based photos instead of the romance -The Bucket List Life

    • Ceyda Demirbulakli

      I want a forever love. A guy who won't give up. A guy who will work to fix things & not run off to other women when times are tough then come back & expect you to fight for him. I want a guy who will respect & value me & be there through all the good & bad times. And a guy who will never lie to me, betray me, hide secrets from me, go behind my back, and who will stay faithful. I know he's out there. And I hope he is looking for me too. <3--I like the picture and I like what the last pinned said. They are sweet.

    • Dana Thomas

      not really a quote, but its a forever and always kinda thing <3

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