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Instructions on how to make ice-cycles out of plastic bottles!

Shrinky Dink Button Tutorial

#DIY shrinky dinks made from empty chip bags! The bags don't end up in the trash & kids will love to watch them shrink up in the oven.

Learn more at www.stevespangler... We can't get our hands on enough stuff to shrink. Faced with the problem of creating tiny chip bags (don't ask, some things are better left alone), we turned to Steve. "I don't know. Throw them in the microwave," was all he had to say. So we tossed a bag in ...

Craft - Shrinky Dink Chip Bag maybe put a magnet it on it...

Handmade Shrink-Art Pin FACEBOOK

Excellent DIY tutorial on how to make your own shrink plastic (a.k.a. Shrinky Dink) from recycled #6 plastic food takeout containers. Great way to make your own inexpensive jewelry (i.e. earrings, rings, pendant necklaces). Cheap kids craft too. Have them draw a design on it and make into to jewelry for mom. Lovely Mother's Day gift idea.

Shrinky-Dink Ring DIY

shrink plastic leaves

Cutters Creek Design Team: Shrink Plastic and Copic Tutorial by Tee

Shrinky dink cars, cute!

GREAT TIP for figuring out exactly how big to make your original piece that will shrink to the size you want - no more guesswork! Clever idea! **************************************** greenbeans crafterole #shrink #plastic #crafts

DIY Mason Jar Gifts -- shrink plastic mason jars that can be turned into necklaces, key chains, ornaments, or more!

Faux Seaglass from shrink plastic

Shrinky dink bracelet with cricut

Shrink Plastic Charms 1

I Love Books Necklace - Shrink Plastic - Librarian - Hand Drawn Pendant.

Sandal Charms shrink plastic

How To Make A Name Necklace (Shrink Plastic) - jewelry.onwired.b...

Shrink plastic matte transparent I put on top of photographs draw the outline with black waterproof marker on the shiny side, and color added with normal color pencil on the rough surface colors are enhanced when you shrink the plastic in the oven, so paint pretty weak.

DIY Mason Jar Necklace -- make a shrink plastic charm in just a few minutes with these easy to follow instructions.

Who knew they had Shrinky Dinks ink jet paper? Cool charms with your own family pics!

stamping on shrink plastic

Shrink Plastic Christmas Window Card

Do you like making jewelry? Do you like playing with shrink plastic? Perfect—me too! Shrink plastic offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating personalized jewelry.