27 Dresses

Mean Girls. Amazing what three of the four girls turned out to be. And how many famous peole were in it.



Aquamarine although it's 6 years old is such a refreshing movie to watch with the kids or a girl's night.

Competition between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid, over who is the bride's best friend, threatens to upend the life of an out-of-work pastry chef.

cute movie

:) Good movie!

13 Going On 30

One of my favorite movies!

One of my favorite movies

27 Dresses

Love the movie

One of my favorite movies!

Favorite movie .

27 Dresses

27 dresses

Hunger games- catching fire. One of my favorite parts in this book. I literally cried the first time I read this ! Omg I love peeta-- josh hutcherson

Love this movie!!! One of my favorites!!!!

favorite movie!!!

One of my favorite movies!