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  • Abby Mesnik

    I don't know why, but this really made me giggle

  • Philip Fry

    Shower humor

  • Tracy Joseph

    every day in the shower. hahaha frickin hilarious

  • Cha

    Rihanna Parody, We Found Love in a Soapless Place

  • ChloĆ©

    Why is the stupidest things so funny to me ?! Hahaha

  • Athena

    This wouldn't have been so funny for me had the Rihanna song had not been on the radio when I saw this.....true story, awesome timing! Well played Pandora Radio....well played....LOL.

  • Melissa Staffeld

    My 11 year old daughter got this before I did - funny stuff!!

  • Kiya Rankin

    so funny gonna sing this in the shower now :)

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not sure why this made me laugh so hard

idk why this made me laugh so hard haha. please tell me im not the only one who read that in the napoleon voice???

This should not be as funny as I'm finding it.

Someone should be fired for this photoshop job...! Seriously? I have seen thin, but her upper thigh is missing.

dear god, the pain.

The right way to store your cables

"Also, I've relieved the contents of my bladder into your shoes."

Saw this on a door at work. - Imgur "THIS DOOR IS ALARMED" "THE WINDOW IS STARTLED" "And the Floor is somewhat Taken Aback!"

This really isn't that funny but I'm laughing!!! The more I look at it the more I laugh!

omg i have a book full of these inventions that have never existed and apparently never will. its called "the big bento box of unuseless japanese inventions"

I'm laughing too hard at this

Seriously. How did the Frozen fandom become the new Sherlock fandom??<--THIS COMMENT and that last photo BAHAHAHAHA Can't. Breathe!