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  • Terry🌒🌗🔊📚🎶 Mckay

    Dandelion Art Print - Perennial Moment - 12x18 This gives me an idea...

  • Michele Wallace

    I blew wishes on dandelion puffs all the time as a kid. My third son has been giving me dandelions flowers since he was two years old. I just bought a make a wish for a cure for prostate cancer shopping bag with a single puff image on it. I love dandelions in any form.

  • Hollie Lucht

    **Need this for my home. First of all, I love the colors. 2nd, I love the message: Make a wish, and believe it will come true!

  • Katie Carpenter

    Perennial Moment by Papermoth Contemporary Art Prints on Etsy

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Little girls and boys come out to play, yes Bring your dandelions to blow away Dandelion don't tell no lies Dandelion will make you wise Tell me if she laughs or cries Blow away dandelion. - Rolling Stones

Starting to like yellow, this in particular is really simple, but when you really look at it, has a lot of depth in color and kinda pulls me in.

Spring wishes: "There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming." | Shauna Niequist

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