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by Shawn Ling

Family of cats cuddling together in bed. Kittens are so cute like this. Makes you want to get close and listen to the purring. ~Me #kittens #cat #cute

<3 <3

Bengal Kittens <3

awww... <3

Kitties-so cute!


Mother Hen And Chicks What little chick wouldn't like a warm fluffy mama to hide in? Sweet!!

Sit down, Human, we need to talk.

so sweet!

"Human..... Pick me up please...... and love me, of course."

cats will sleep anywhere :)

Yoga cat

Fish and cats

Kitty peek-a-boo. It always makes me smile when my cats hide under a blanket.

cat ♥


#cute #kitten #funny #cats This looks a little like the kitten we brought home this weekend. Only slightly bigger.

"The reason cats climb so they can look down on almost ant other animal...that's also the reason they hate birds." --K C Buffington - or - Is it for a good vantage point to...wait for it... POUNCE?! [jg]