"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." - Friedrich Nietzsche #quotes

Shel Silverstein.

Friedrich NIetzsche •

"I will miss you always, even in the moments when you are right beside me. Time apart has planted longing inside me and I do not think it is a weed that will ever stop growing. It will always live there, but my god it grows the most spectacular flowers." - Tyler Knott Gregson. This is so so soooo beautiful <3

That quote is stunning.

Be brave

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Backpacking Europe doesn’t have to be a dream.


.bright and shiny

Life is Beautiful


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My favorite thing is making my husband laugh..it fills me with joy! ^_^ He makes me laugh constantly- it's only fair! ♡

Vincent Van Gogh.

--your head is a living forest full of song birds-- e.e. cummings. ( I would add don't let the cad or ass kill them all )

...the way it stops and starts

Douglas Adams has always been someone I liked since I discovered him and what he did for the sci-fi community. - #DouglasAdams #intentions #WhereIneedToBe #journey #directions #life #destination