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If there ever was a Julia dress. Half this blog is clothes for her, since she's the fashion plate. But wow... Worth, Paris. (Julia is a bit inspired by my sister, who loves sunflowers--so the colors on the embroidery just... yeah...)

This winter I was on a search for the perfect button up pattern, and this shirt was my first make on that quest! I chose the pattern from a bit older Burda issue, from 02/2005. I love two piece sleeves and piecing on the back, all in all it's a nice pattern. I did make the mistake and trace the...

Afternoon jacket, House of Worth. Attributed to Charles Frederick Worth and to Jean-Philippe Worth. Date: 1895.

from Brown Paper Bag

Tessa Perlow Covers Upcycled Clothing in Embroidered Blooms

looking to beautify an old pair of jeans?? stitch up some bright and colourful flowers to make your new favourite pair of flares!