Hypertufa hands made by filling plastic glove and placing them palm up in a terra cotta pot to achieve cupped hand position that can be planted! Love it.

Hand Planters


Latex glove, fill with cement and hold position with pebbles

Beautyful garden ideas.

Plastic Halloween masks make nice cheap molds. Look for ones without any undercuts and that are fairly rigid. Make up a sand bed with clean moist sand _ if you can pick up a handful and squeeze it, it should stay together. Cover the eye, nose, and any other holes in the mask. Before you place the mask in the sand bed - coat it with some 10w engine oil. Get the cheapest stuff you can. Don't put too much on or it will make pits in the surface. Pack the sand around and under the mask to...

Idea to make hypertufa hands using rubber garden gloves & leaves

How to Make Mirrored Gazing Balls for the Garden | The Garden Glove

Elf house on a tree! Oh so cool!!!

Growing Gardening: How To Make A Self Watering Container. I see a DIY growing here ! I am not paying 80 bucks for one planter! YouTube is abundant with DIYs for self-watering pots !

hypertufa hands under construction: Well, these are a funny little project - hypertufa hands made from (what else?) surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix. I tried


DIY Moss for the Garden - Blend up 1 Part Moss, 1 Part Sugar, 2 Parts Beer... pour or brush over pots, stone or pavers and moss will grow!


Thinking Outside the Flower Pot |

Simple d-i-y planter hangers

Recipes for mixing Hypertufa

How to make a flower tower

Rustoleums Glow in the Dark paint . . paint it on pots and set them around the deck or pool .. they absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night .. love this!

Concrete Mini Cube Magnetic Planter Repin & Like. Listen to Noelito Flow Noel's Music http://www.twitter.com/noelitoflow http://www.instagram.com/noelitoflow http://www.facebook.com/thisisflow

cement cloth planters | Rock & Cement Ornaments for the Garden