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Jade plant. Water 1/every two weeks. Medium light. Low maintenance.

Succulent Plant Crassula 'Baby Necklace' by SucculentOasis, $4.75

Planta de jade- es excelente para activar la prosperidad en nuestros negocios y hogares. Feng Shui

Jade Plant Water your jade with the “drench and drain” method, allowing the soil to dry out before completely soaking the root system again. Best of all, there’s no need to spend more on a large plant, the best thing about a jade is watching it grow huge and healthy under your care. • Easily grow a separate plant by cutting off a stem below the node and planting it directly in moist soil..

Crassula alstonii. Such an amazing succulent. Like bonsai, only it provides the rock feature and the plant feature.

Crassula Pyramidalis, endémica de las regiones de Little Karoo y Namaqualand de Sudáfrica, ¡linda!

Jade Tree Plant | jade tree is an evergreen succulent native to south africa the jade ...

Crassula umbella -these look like tiny umbrellas! I would love one of these for my own collection.

Proper care for a Jade plant

one of my favs!! .. Jade Plant~ Old-fashioned jade plant (Crassula ovata) can live for years, growing slowly into a small tree. It bears small, shiny olive-green leaves and often develops a sculptural gnarled form. It grows best in bright light and may grow 6 feet tall or more.

I want to grow plants meant for my climate - way more eco-friendly than trying to make pansies thrive in the desert! Cool Ideas!