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beautiful this is where im gonna get my first tattoo ♥ i want it to be a bible verse

"Everything happens for a reason" so badly want this tattooed somewhere on me. I am very firm believer

love the placement of this tattoo

Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

one step at a time foot tattoos - Google Search

Une etape à la fois / "one step at a time" I may end up with something similar. Love this tat!

"'Une etape à la fois'  It means ‘one step at a time’, that’s way I did in my foot, even knowing how much it would hurt. I get this done for my 18 birthday, as a gift to myself and a reminder that no matter how fast I try to go, I can only take a step at time and that there’s no need to try to rush things, everything happens in their own time. It’s my first tattoo, but definitely not the last."