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My Grandma used to carry this in her purse.  The 1940's version of Ice Breakers. :)

Sen Sen -they were made for smoker's breath, I believe. But my sister I loved the taste! But, then, we also loved black licorice.

Zapatitos con cascabeles que se usaban para los bebes!!!

I remember you had to have these incredibly stiff leather shoes for "support" when babies were learning to walk. The bell was to hear where they were

I had these.

Love these antique metal cups. Used to drink from some similar to these at my aunts house. Cold drinks are the best in these!

"Hot Aluminium Slides"

Burned are bottoms on these slides a million times on hot summer days growing up!

For all of your stepping needs.

1949 Cosco Step Stool by American Vintage Home. This was the hair cutting stool at my Grandma's house!

I need a new pair of these. I love them!

G h bass 'sunjuns' burgundy leather thong sandal shoe sz 6m dominican republic

I loved my Bass sandals! I remember Mamoo taking me to Gladsteins to buy them!

Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Fried bologna sandwiches with mayo on white bread. - had to cut slits so it wouldn't curl up in the center. well actually I just made one yesterday hahah

rotary push mower, I remember my father using one of these before the gas mower, and my grandmother still using one in her 80's!

A reel rotary push mower was the first mower we had.later came the gasoline powered ones we used to keep our yard cut.--It took 3 days to mow our yard. I hated the back yard--it had a slight hill--very hard work. For gas power!

Still have a few!

Wheat-back pennies. Uncle James gave us 2 pennies for every wheat penny we gave him

1970's style chair.  We had these and they were so comfortable.  They rocked and swiveled.

Mom's was Pink-mauve style chair. We had these and they were so comfortable. They rocked and swiveled.

Sweet Raspberry Candies Have a Deliciously Soft Center

Filled Raspberry Hard Candy with Soft Centers - I remember these! My favorite Christmas candy.

FILM FOR CAMERA, digital has put a lot of places out of business and in the future will reveal a lot of precious memories were lost forever.

This was before digital cameras. We'd take our pictures and then take the roll of film somewhere to have it developed and prints made. I remember my first camera.a Brownie that took black & white pictures.

We called them "Puddlers".

Clear Plastic Overshoes - Great for rainy days to keep your shoes dry; much more stylish than the dark rubber galoshes!