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An eclectic crowd some tens of thousand big gathered for the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this weekend. We have more photos on our website.

Female Link cosplay at Penny Arcade Expo 2011, photo by David Ngo (DTJAAAAM)

Metroid: Other M chalk art for Nintendo at the Penny Arcade Expo by illustrator Eric Maruscak.

Bioshock 2 chalk art from the Penny Arcade Expo for 2K Games by Eric Maruscak.

PAX Tips - A Beginner's Guide to the Penny Arcade Expo - Geekblog - Hex19 | Celebrating All Things Geek

The Seattle Art Museum is restoring a Jackson Pollock painting from the 1940s titled "Sea Change," which was altered in the 1970s with a coat of varnish.

PAX Prime 2012 - INDIE MEGABOOTH TRAILER! by Kert Gartner. 30 Indie Studios / 30+ Games - PAX Prime 2012, Seattle Washington!

PAX Prime in Seattle is fast becoming THE conference for Video Game fans.

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