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This is pretty much exactly how I think Rose would react to Eleven. Nine was perfect for her, and she and Ten worked well, but I don't think I could ever see her and Eleven together.

Weeping Angel costume (just needs the face or mask of weeping angel face)

my kids WILL be donning Doctor Who costumes... one day...

Here we go - the Weeping Angels costuming tutorial! I think that this blog entry took me more time and brainpower to write, than anything else on the site... yikes! LOL. Please be sure to share this one far and wide! :) Please and thank you!

Weeping Angel Barbie - I kinda want to make this the best costume trophy for my party...but then i will also have to have the best costume at the party so i win.

Bow ties ARE cool. Im srry some of u supposedly nerdy folks out there wearing fake glasses and suspenders say u get this but really dont.

Les Doctorables - They should have said "hearts" instead of "heart" ;) Doctor Who / Les Miserables mashup

I don't know what I like more about this post... the Doctor Who reference or the fact that the National Geographic twitter told the rainbow it was drunk, and the fact someone called it out.

Its supposed to be an angel descending Jacob's ladder, I know. But, this is too funny for a Who fan.