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You’ve never skied with views quite like these! Canada’s the best place in the world to glide your way down gorgeous slopes, whether on skis or on a snowboard. Get your adrenaline pumping and push your heart rate up with deep powder runs from British Columbia and Alberta all the way to Quebec. Canada’s your next winter destination! | @explorecanada

The Best Ski Runs in Canada for Fresh Powder

Why You Need to Visit Manitoba's Assiniboine Park

Why You Need to Visit Manitoba's Assiniboine Park

About Jasper, Canada

Jasper, the little town in the big Jasper National Park


Transient Killer whale cruises along the Langara Island shoreline

It's just you and the wind in your hair. | @explorecanada

Go North: Canada has vast protected parks above the parallel. Heli-hike, paddle and soak in wilderness hotsprings.

Of Capitals and Francophones | Keep Exploring. #ExploreCanada #CanadaDay #Canada

Of Capitals and Francophones

Canada Day in Banff:)

What's the best way to enjoy the Canada Day fireworks in Fireworks, mountains, trees and a lake.