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So True @Jordan Lynch ....I love me some you! Thanks for listening to all my drama from Joe to Levell and every guy in between! Hahahaha :)

This is sooo true!!! A true friend will never judge yet but be honest and tell you what she truly thinks, but love you anyway. Regardless of how often you see them, you can always start over where u left off.

No one will ever understand the mess that we have gone through to get to the point to where we are we are so strong & nothing in this world can break the bond that we have.. I love you to the moon & back. Forever & Always.

agreed, tho this works both ways sometimes, can also go for relationships of glbt persons as well. ;-p adjust the wording as needed to apply, I.e. switch or change qeen and king as it applies to you and it works, & is goid message. Food for thought.....