King Of The Dance Pose. Still working on that 2nd shoulder flexibility so for now just Dancer Pose w/ full extension (meaning only one arm grasping, but vertical split. Also called Standing Bow Pulling)

wow...Natarajasana {dancer's pose}


HA! I wonder which year of yoga this pose will kick in for me!! exercise #inspiration #motivation (spotted by @A L Fullbright Merriweather )

workout motivation

Yoga Articles Daily #yoga #poses #namaste

Uttanasana (standing forward bend) This is a pose I do every single day without exception.

The best yoga pants.

Sirsa Padasana (Feet-to-Head Pose) yoga


that's inspiring


Yoga poses

Partner yoga. I need a partner to help me stretch!

From pinner- I have never been a believer in yoga but I just did this and I am SERIOUSLY so relaxed! It's amazing!