Summer musing

What a beautiful peaceful place to just think and take in all of God's beauty.


A yard along a stream!


Fall beauty

considering this alternative to our crumbling Big Box play set

Autumn sunset. a setting like this makes you ponder over your life and the imponderables. Marvelous.

The ORIGINAL tree swing. Totally getting one of these when I have a house! This website has other great Natural toys/crafts.

Stunning Picz: Autumn


absolute perfection

So beautiful!

Burgundy Street in Madrid, Spain.

Habitually Chic®: The Lake House. While the cabin on the lake we go to every summer is a trailer, one day we will own the cottage across the lake. Love the muskoka chairs and sitting on the dock, star gazing at night or watching the loons or reading in the sunshine....or...


Southern style

Tucked away among the Autumn trees.

Relax You're On Lake Time Lake House Decor Lake Sign On Lake Time Hand Painted Wood Sign by CarovaBeachCrafts