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been to italy. but I want to go back SO BADLY!!

And put a love letter in Juliet’s Wall and ride a gondola and go to a true Italian vineyard and drink italian wine and go sight-seeing and much more! Italy and Hawaii are my top places to travel!



I've always wanted to visit France,but to actually LIVE thre.

I would LOVE to go back to San Fran!

I have a fear of bridges but for some odd reason I have always wanted to cross the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.so while I'm there I'll pay a visit to the "Full House" house.

even if for a week it would be amazing

I want to live in New York City at least once in my life. 6 Months would do it, Rent a cool Loft and really get a feel for the place. Fingers Crossed - One day.

This would be the best thing ever

I love Greek mythology and this would be perfect. The Parthenon was built for the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. That's where you get the name Athens from, because she was the patron goddess of Athens

oh god every summer with my now ex-husband

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Done o/

bucket list: find the end of a rainbow!well the illusion looked as if I found the end and my pot of gold!

Moscow, Russia



Stick to my New Year's resolution. - I'll let you know how this year's resolution goes on December