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r2-d2-suitcase I think I need this...

iphone projector. Watch movies and photo slides with your iphone on the wall….like the old days

Not sure why I don't already have this!

Bath Mat 'No Diving'.

This is ideal!

$8.95 personalized return address stamps. Would be a great gift idea or stocking stuffer!

this is cool

scrap bin perfect for chopping...


If it follows me home, can I keep it? The Square Pouch

Genius! The Square Pouch!

The Square Pouch! Problem solved for wayward Square readers! I ordered the red one. ♥

NYC Metro Cuff....has a detailed map of the New York City subway system.

Gasp! I MUST have this!

Gasp! I think I love you! Too bad I don't wear watches much anymore!


The Poor Man’s iPad I actually want this. I still find pen and paper faster for taking notes.

Dang it Now I want an Iphone !

WANT one!

You know... because my kids are going to know what note paper is..... lol. "You mean you used to write on paper, with pencils?!"

flip flop coasters. you're welcome :)

plates. perfect for picnic.

plates. perfect for picnic.


iPhone 4 Case designed by C Westbrook Design. Made of 3D printed nylon. #iPhone_4_Case