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Red Winged Hawk #BirdsofPrey



Hawk - focused!

American Bald Eagle

Wow, What a gift this photographer received by seeing all these Eagles together like this. Fantastic Photo!!

Black-Shouldered Kite

American Eagle..Pray for our Nation and it's leaders to earnestly turn to God for His guidance in leading our nation.

♂ Amazing nature wild life photography animals bird eagle

Peregrine Falcon - fastest diving bird. Tucked into a dive that will last seconds due to its great height and reach around 389 km/h.


The White Ravens of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver. The birds are said not to be “albino,” but “leucistic,” a genetic defect resulting in birds that lack normal pigmentation. (“Albinism” is a result of the reduction of melanin.) They first appeared in Vancouver about 10 years ago, which is now known as the “White Raven Capital of the World.”

Bald Eagle

(100) raptor in nature by dmayer75 - Tapiture


Photo “Bald Eagle in Colorado” by Hernandez Imaging


Bald eagle


AMAZING SHOT! An Osprey Diving For Food

Incredible picture!!

Bald eagle. It's interesting to see the inside of its mouth.

Golden Eagle #BirdsofPrey #BirdofPrey #Bird of Prey