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Call them what you want--panther, cougar, mountain lion--but a lot of folks believe they still roam our mountains. Click to read one family's story.

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ミJavier El Basset彡 on

Foto:.. "¿Así que crees que puedes tener en un zoológico para el resto de mi vida, jajaja no, te planteo una lástima que nadie te detendrá cuando me escapo porque soy un guerrero oscuro Y cuando lo haga, me destruiré todo en este zoológico "las mentes de algunos animales del zoológico

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How a Chameleon Changes Color

Out of all the interesting creatures that share our planet, one of the most incredible is the chameleon...

Black Panther - brings you power, protection and guidance. - teaches you to always speak even when it is unpleasant - shamanic guide, a high blessing - seeing the truth through your own eyes, both physically and with clairvoyance.

beautiful panther Swallow-Tailed Bee-Eater by Hendri Venter. 1 repin sleeping panda cub ✯ Bands of Color

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I have a tabby cat who hangs like this and called him Bagheera. He slinks about like a regal big cat. #junglebook