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  • John Saunders

    Zebras Give 10 Polar Bears Herpes (Yes, You Read That Right)

  • Marcayla Hannah

    Awh this would be super cute, polar bears used to be my favorite animal. #BucketList

  • Liz Fitzgerald

    wikiHow to Play Big Bear's Den (Ukrainian Snow Game) -- via

  • Jan de

    polarbear Following a polar bear attack in Northern Canada on Friday, a man and woman were in stable condition while some considered climate change as a probable cause.

  • Isabel Del Río Yareah

    Polar Bears Exhibition.

  • The Pet Wiki

    Animal Fact of the Day: Polar Bears can swim 60 miles without pausing for a rest.

  • isabel Chatterton

    cub. Pet a polar bear CUB. Away from the mom. Maybe an orphan. I would adopt it. Somehow Be Eaten did not make it on my bucket list...

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My grandmother always wanted to go to New York, I'd give anything to spend her birthday, which is on New Years, there just once.

A must for anyone's bucket list...

My bf won a cute small Mac Donald's bus for me...I think I love it better :)

.the last great bucket trip- 3 to 6 months in the English countryside as home base. Friends coming over to stay for week, exploring at one's leisure, Scotland highlands and northern islands, Welsh towns, roman ruins, learning from the locals. London plays, old book shops...good way to finish long travels. It is a dream of mine...maybe it could become a reality. I shall hope for it.

bucket list- ride a jet ski (completed 2012 Phuket )

Stand on the equator. And experience the rapid change from day to night that happens on the equator.

Bucket list- i really want to go to New Orleans for a great photography moment. #ColorfulPlaces #TravelGuide #NewOrleans

100 Things to do before I die "Bucket List" Live Your Life. Ya know, except the beard one...

Since everybody seems to be re-pinning everybody else's bucket list items, I thought I'd be original and make my own.

I've been threatening to do this WAY before I started beauty school and after 5yrs doing hair, I still haven't done it. It needs to happen.