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Explore Baby Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, and more!

I'd love to do this before they all go extinct <3

it is sad that this is one of the hardest thingson my bucket list for me but if its someone close to me id to in support! <3

My grandmother always wanted to go to New York, I'd give anything to spend her birthday, which is on New Years, there just once.


A must for anyone’s bucket list…

A must for anyone's bucket list...

Go on a Safari... Ugh, this one's for my hubby. I'd rather not get eaten by a lion or mauled to death by a rhino. ;) No really, I'd have fun... if I survived. lol

Id rather own it but riding them is a blast!

Travel.. Meet people...learn to appreciate all cultures ..never stop growing. Our purpose is too serve others .