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Latex and phthalate free

Soft grip for pencils, paint brushes, pens etc in Crafts, Art Supplies, Other Art Supplies

I so had one of these back in the day!!

I was OBSESSED with my Clueless Hands-Free Phone! I loved that you could disguise your voice and prank call people haha

More Musings of a 70s/80s Cosmetics Girl | Surly Girl

Yarn Ponytail Ties I wore these in my pigtails all the time until I got the brilliant idea to get my hair cut into a shag. My hair wasn't long again for yrs!

Melody Pops

The 50 Greatest Discontinued Foods and Beverages. Mg Spice Girl Lollipops! I had my backpack covered in the stickers from them :) OH MY GOSH MELODY POPS xD I used to eat those most of the time .

Pencil Grips - I used to chew on these... lol

Black Friday 2014 School Smart Triangular Vinyl Pencil Grips - Pack of 25 - Assorted Striped Colors from School Smart Cyber Monday. Black Friday specials on the season's most-wanted Christmas gifts.

Pogo Ball my brother and I would bounce for hours

Art Best Toy I loved my Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I spent FAR more time outside playing with my Skip-It and my Pogo Ball. I miss you, Pogo Ball. kickin-it-applecheeks

Golden Age 4 Kids: Golden Age ('80s and '90s) School Supplies

Golden Age 4 Kids: Golden Age and School Supplies--The triangle pencil grips smelled so good.

Tenderheart Bear Care Bears Poseable Toy

This vintage Care Bears toy is Tenderheart Bear, he's brown with a red heart on his tummy. He has brown eyes and a tuft of brown hair on top of his head. Tenderheart Bear is poseable, his arms and leg

Gerber Nursers: I remember using these for my dolls. I had the blue owl and bear. As a mom I cringe to think of the muck that could collect inside the bottle's grooves.

Vintage Baby--Plastic baby bottles I totally had that doggie bottle! I remember it!

doctor kit

The Fisher Price doctor’s set. Donnie & I played doctor with this & my dolls all the time!