How to make cheesecloth spirits for Halloween ~ wickedly fun

Cheesecloth Spirits - Martha Stewart Halloween

Foam head from the craft store, and cheese cloth! Glue the cheesecloth to the face to define the features, and hot glue fishing line to the head. So spoooooky! Definitely doing this this year!

Ghostly Shadows at Spirit Halloween - Creep out your guests when you make it look like your walls are being torn down by Ghostly Shadows! This vinyl repositionable decoration allows you to add a certain kind of spook to any room! Let the spooking begin for only $6.99.

Great DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween: Dripping Blood Candles


hood people, SOOOOOO creepy

Super easy Halloween decoration. All you need is a pair of gloves! #Halloween

Halloween Finger Food! hahaha, so gross and so awesome at the same time! I don't think I could eat them, but kids would love this! Made with hot dogs, ketchup and cooked onions. Head over for a great tutorial! |

I'm doing this next halloween!

Grapevine wreath, cheap plastic snakes bugs or spiders, black spray paint. Creepy

Glowing coals effect cool for HALLOWEEN!!!!

Love this for Halloween!!

Halloween fun!

How fun!

creepy hands with painter's tape

Fun Halloween Recipes to make with the kids

How to make a head move using a fan

Kind of a Creepy Craft...but I like it! Found “Head in a Jar” last year. It’s really easy to make. Get a jar. A big mayo jar or a greenish antique jar like I did. Find a dead man’s face on the web. It’s easier than you think. Think Mexican drug dealer pictures. Resize the found head pic to about the height of the jar. Cut out the head pretty closely. Put the cut out head in the jar. Get a black plastic bag and wrinkle it up and stick in in the jar behind the cut out head. It’ll act as “hair....

Halloween Lawn Ghost Circle