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This is the beauty of the Pacific Oceanscape! IIt's a conservation plan to protect 10% of the world's ocean area for the benefit of people -- and for generations to come. (© CI/photo by Michael Donoghue)

The Phoenix Islands Protected Area, in the Pacific Ocean, is one of the most pristine oceanic environments on Earth. It's also an important part of the larger Pacific ecosystem, which gives an embarrassment of riches to people: food, medicine, jobs, climate regulation ... the list could go on forever.

INFOGRAPHIC: Iconic Marine Species. Let's protect them!

Nan Hauser is a marine biologist and Conservation International Marine Fellow who works in the Cook Islands studying whales and dolphins. Her amazing, fascinating studies have generated some of the most eye-popping footage of whales you've ever seen — and they also helped spur the creation of one of the largest protected areas on Earth!

Africa | 'Duke'. Kruger National Park,South Africa. Duke is believed to have longest tusks in the world | © Pierre Lombard

Sharks and rays are getting a sanctuary in Indonesia! Great news. (© Conservation International/photo by Sterling Zumbrunn)

Showing the Real Face of Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans -

animal eyes_Whistle - 美丽鸟


Penguin and Chick

aw penguins!