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This adorable one-eyed cat was rescued in September. He had severe injuries and many diseases when Blazer Schaffer found her. In order to raise money to save the poor kitten, Schaffer dressed up the cat as a pirate and the rest is history! See his story now:

Sir Stuffington. The little kitty was in the streets with scars all over. He had a broken jaw and lost on of his eyes. His owners now pose him as a pirate!! Soooo cute!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Meet Sir Stuffington, The Cutest Pirate In The World

Sir Stuffington ... (I love this cat and his story)


I Just Melted


Fall in Love With the World’s Cutest Pirate Kitten. Sir Stuffington. The story on the website is great!

This brave firefighter always straps a camera to his helmet on the job. This time, it captured him rescuing a kitten from a burning house and reviving it. Then he edited the footage into this adorable and amazing movie trailer! #kittens

Nap Time ~ I love the way they are 'spooned' together, each one with its chin resting on the head of the one in front of it. SO funny!


Dogs accept everyone…

A kitty rejected by mother – cared by a golden retriever ~ If you listen very carefully, you can feel my heart breaking in two.

Cats & Dogs Together? Unheard of! Does this mean a truce to the age-old war? Maybe these two just didn't get the memo. Watch this adorable kitten and puppy cuddle, play and sleep together in all of their adorable glory!

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Community Post: 12 Very Sad Kittens That Never Quite Became A Meme