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Anyone who has a heart for Dom DeLuise will keel over from his gut-wrenching humor in "The Twelve Chairs", a Mel Brooks film. I've seen just about every Mel Brooks movie; after all, he was my neighbor. Oh yes, I got to see those pearly white teeth of his, up close and personal. I love how he and Dom DeLuise smile broadly, showing their back molars at times!

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The Producers (1967)

The Producers: Mel Brooks should have left this masterpiece alone. Gene Wilder screams and freaks out for the first 15 minutes of the film. Genius.

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How I felt explaining the Curiosity time delay to my wife...

I will always love this movie....Mel Brooks is a genius

Why Mel Brooks movies are awesome...

Why Mel Brooks movies are awesome...

Mr. Brooks..If you haven't saw this movie, buy it, rent it, STEAL it if you have to...a definite must watch. I'm not even a big Kevin Costner fan, and I loved his character in this..Awesomely played, Mr Costner..

Chick flicks. Always looking for new ones to watch :)

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Young Frankenstein (1974)

Young Frankenstein was released on December 15, 1974, starring Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle and Marty Feldman, etc. This black and white, comedy and thriller film was directed by Mel Brooks and written by Wilder himself and Brooks. The story is about "Dr. Frankenstein's grandson (Wilder), after years of living down the family reputation, inherits granddad's castle and repeats the experiments." It grossed an estimated $86,300,000 in America.

Lana taking Lola for a walk dressed up as the Evil Queen

Father's brother= Uncle. Uncles nephew= Lonestar. He could have just said "I'm your cousin's former roommate" ... but it wouldn't have been as funny...