wandering line with magazine mosaic fill - students choose palette from analogous colour, complementaries, monochromatic harmony, primaries, secondaries, tertiaries etc.

23 creative sketchbook examples to inspire high school Painting / Fine Art students

magazine cutouts i think very cool layout

Group art project. Each student designs his/her own piece of the puzzle. This would be cool to do with the girls, each year on thier birthday they design a different piece and give them the puzzle for graduation

Colour Trees

The Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water

Kirsten Hassenfeld - beautiful paper gems sculptures

recycled magazine collage

color wheel- Collect primary, secondary and tertiary colors from magazines.

David Kravoc

Fill Your Head: Digital Collage. High school students would love this -- and it's not just for art class!

Basically everything you've ever wanted to know about color theory

beautiful Hibiscus Mosaic Watercolor by Nancy Hartson-Miller

Color Basics :: HUES are the 12 purest & brightest colors forming the full spectrum ~ 3 Primary Colors; 3 Secondary Colors; 6 Tertiary Colors. A TINT (sometimes called a pastel) is any color with white added. A SHADE is any color with black added. A TONE is created by adding gray. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye, more complex, subtle & sophisticated. ...ღTrish W ~http://www.pinterest.com/trishw/

Magazine collage art - think I want to do a huge canvas but with "kitchen" words - eat, drink, wine, laugh, love, etc. to add some color to the kitchen!

5 apps to use with students when teaching the elements and principles of art

elements & principles of art

Kids art. Elementary drawing lessons - cats - draw animals / How to draw. Painting for kids / Luntiks. Crafts and art activities, games for kids. Children drawing and coloring pages

Tutorial: The right brush for the right job

Wayne Thiebaud lesson - students create their own templates for repetition- includes slide show.

They had to fill their paper with only one line. Then they drew in shapes and colored in coordinating colors. Very cool art blog.