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flower crown and beautiful back detail


1. Men readily believe what they want to believe. -Ceasar 2. where there is doubt there is freedom 3. The man who is consistently in fear is everyday condemned. -Syrus 4. Dont carry logs into the forest -Horace (it is a comment on futility) 5. Truth conquers all.

Tentacles #Tattoo by Shane Gallagher Coley, currently working @ Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia

Nice idea, text circles. ("the man who is constantly in fear is every day condemned. don't carry logs into the forest. men generally believe what they want to. truth conquers all things. where there is doubt, there is freedom.")

love tattoos

subtle, but grand


I like the place of this


Paper Cranes [30/07/09] (by KayVee.INC)

Tattoos by Noon

I like the lotus

Wood Lamp -


tattoo placement


That's a tattoo idea!

No idea what this shirt says, but it has a skull on it :-)

#tattoo #shapes #triangles

Beautiful #bride #weddingdress