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    Mr. Paul Du Chaillu Lecturing to the Young Folks of Boston, an engraving from Harpers Weekly, 1869.

    • Esmeralda Kale

      In “Between Man and Beast,” Monte Reel tells the story of the 19th-century explorer Paul Du Chaillu, who returned from Africa with evidence that a creature of myth — the gorilla — actually existed.

    • Richard Weiner

      ‘Between Man and Beast,’ by Monte Reel - NYTimes.com46% of Americans "decline to accept the reality that humans have evolved from ancestral primates," according to a recent Gallop poll. Astounding! Do other primates gossip? Chimpanzees?

    • Jim Sharp

      Mr. Paul Du Chaillu Lecturing to the Young Folks of Boston, an engraving from Harpers Weekly, 1869.

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    Historic Newspapers~ The Neosho Times dated 04/27/1882 -- "JESSE JAMES ASSASSINATED!" is actually a teaser for McElhany & Bro.'s full front-page advertisement for dress goods, clothing, hats, and carpets. On exhibit in the News Corporation News History Gallery at the Newseum. Newseum collection Photo credit: Newseum collection

    Paul Belloni du Chaillu (July 31, 1831 (disputed) – April 29, 1903) was a French-American traveler and anthropologist. He became famous in the 1860s as the first modern outsider to confirm the existence of gorillas, and later the Pygmy people of central Africa. He later researched the prehistory of Scandinavia.

    Civil War - "The most famous of the dozens of young drummer boys was Johnny Clem of Newark, Ohio. He went to war at the age of ten. In Clem's first battle, a shell fragment ripped his drum apart. He became known as "Johnny Shiloh." Gallantry in action two years later brought him promotion to sergeant. Clem made the army a career, and he retired in 1916 with the rank of major general."

    The King Kong bust that sat in front of Graumann’s Chinese Theater during the premiere in 1933.

    The unboxing of the Statue of Liberty in 1885.

    Paul Belloni du Chaillu by Henry Joseph Whitlock albumen carte-de-visite, 1870s

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    Director, writer and producer Merian C. Cooper with Bimbo the Monkey from Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness, 1927 (image via Flickhead) (Edit...

    In a time when the average ticket price to a film was ten cents, the price of admission charged for King Kong by Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood was fifty cents to seventy-five cents for matinees and fifty cents to a dollar for evening screenings. Opening night was an incredible $3.30.


    Willis O'Brien & King Kong Statue in the reception of the Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio.

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