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Taurus' motto might be "Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself." It may be that your attraction to material things is less about the objects themselves than it is about the pleasure they bring to your senses. Comfortable living and working space is important to Taurus, along with nice linens, clothing, food, and music. (Art: Ganesha by on @deviantART)

Journal du Designfrom Journal du Design

Land Art par Cornelia Konrads

The German artist Cornelia Konrads creates hallucinating in situ installations in public spaces, parks and private gardens throughout the world. His work is often punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, when stacked objects (branch, log, stone) seem to be hanging in the air, increasing the temporary nature of the facility.

We always say that we are so connected..... Taurus and Pisces can sense what the other is feeling which makes their bond even stronger. ( (Art: Lieke van der Vorst)