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    Viking Raven brooch, 8th Century CE, Scandinavia

    Viking age Raven ornament 9th Century CE, Scandinavia

    Medieval Viking brass brooch authentic archeological reproduction of an 8th-9th century piece found in Gotland.

    Viking age siler Raven brooch 8th Century CE. Northern Germany

    8th century viking artifact. Silver horse with tack.

    Viking ship design pendant, originally a brooch found in a woman's century grave, 8th century. Danish National Museum

    Norse Gods - Bronze statues of the Viking gods - Thor. Copy of an original!

    Viking bear carved in jet. 8th Century CE. Yorkshire, England

    Viking bronze buckle, ca. 6th-10th century AD. The buckle with twin dragon heads above twin birds, an additional head between the two dragons, and another at the ...

    Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant

    Silver figurine of #Odin from Lejre, Denmark - circa late Iron Age / Viking Age. “That it is the… Æsir’s supreme god who is depicted, is clearly shown by the two birds sitting on the armrests of the chair. They are Odin’s two ravens, Hugin and Munin, that flew out every day and returned home in the evening to tell Odin all that had happened….”

    An Ostrogothic silver gilt and garnet bird headed brooch, 5th-6th century.

    This is an iron version of Ragnar's emblem, the raven, a strong symbol of his relationship to Odin.The raven also appears on the flag of his Viking craft. In Norse legend a pair of ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world and take information to Odin.


    Viking Museum cart

    Very Early Viking Burial. The carefully stacked remains of 33 men were buried in the war boat that brought them from Scandinavia to an Estonian island more than a century before the Vikings are thought to have been able to sail across such distances. The archaeologists believe the men died in a battle some time between 700 and 750, perhaps almost as much as a century before the Viking Age officially began. (Courtesy Liina Maldre, University of Tallinn) June 10, 2013, click through

    Norse Raven brooch

    from swedish blog Av mina misstag ** SP tag: Viking, Norse, Scandanavian, appropriate to those areas 700-1000 CE

    Norse Raven Fibula

    Anglo-Viking Brooch, 9th-11th Centuries, gilded bronze. The British Museum, London.