Viking Raven brooch, 8th Century CE, Scandinavia

Viking ship design pendant, originally a brooch found in a woman's century grave, 8th century. Danish National Museum

Viking age Raven ornament 9th Century CE, Scandinavia

Viking age siler Raven brooch 8th Century CE. Northern Germany

8th century viking artifact. Silver horse with tack.

Viking shields

Norse Raven - Google Search

☆ Odin is Everywhere :¦: Artist Christopher Reach ☆

Viking ‘Odin and Ravens’ Firesteel. Odin gathered news by sending out two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, each day at dawn and listening to their reports in the evening.

Hugin and Munin are twin ravens that fly daily around the world then to report the events of the day to Odin, the All Father, of Norse Mythology. This piece was sculpted by Aric Jorn and produced by Jivotica LLC. ©2014.

Urnes style Dragon pendant from 10th century CE, Norway

Brooch, 9-10th century, Norway

The Norse Vikings groomed their hair on a regular basis. This is a large bone comb, with a carving of a mythical animal dated (800-900) AD.

Medieval Viking brass brooch authentic archeological reproduction of an 8th-9th century piece found in Gotland.

Norse Raven. Says it's from Gotland. Trying to work out if it's a copy from one of the Gotland stones, or other artefacts, or just "norse inspired". Catalogue page:

Amber beads (Viking Age)


*Skywen silver viking brooch 11th century

Viking Funeral Prayer by

Dragon brooch from the Viking age 7th century CE. Oland, Sweden

Norse warrior - trouble with the rains is that we miss out on vikings in t'snow innit.