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    Love Lesson #18 | GirlsGuideTo

    Love Lesson #15: "People don’t tell you who they are. They show you."

    Love Lesson #25: "You can’t have a mature relationship with a man who is immature."

    Love Lesson #6: If he wants space, give him the galaxy. | GirlsGuideTo

    Love Lesson #3: "Reruns are for television. Not for relationships."

    Love Lesson #1: "It is perfectly wonderful to want, and even need, a man. But to compliment you, NOT to complete you."

    Love Lesson #5: "Don't act like you're his girlfriend before you're actually his girlfriend." ~ Jenn Clark

    Love Lesson #28: "No matter how much you think you love that a-hole, always remember to love yourself more."

    Love Lesson #16: "You’ll never find happiness with a guy whose words and actions do not match."

    Love Lesson #9: "The less opportunity you give yourself to think about him, the better. There’s no nostalgia in heartbreak."

    Love Lesson #12: "A man’s must-have traits: Integrity, Empathy, Strength, Respectfulness, Loyalty, Self-control, and a Sense of humor. He must also be: Encouraging, Giving, and 'Successful.'"


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    Dont have too high of expectations for men, because your only going to get let down and be disapointed. If a man loves you he wont mess it up.

    Take away the keys!

    Gordon B.

    babetip #134: A man's job is to protect his woman. If he hurts her, he's not a man, he's a boy. (Amen sistah!)