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  • Andy Johnston

    Small garden ideas. Picture framed succulents

  • Loretta Robinson

    great use of old frame Hanging garden.

  • Rønnaug Stokke

    DIY Vertical Succulent Garden Start by spraying all surfaces of an old wooden picture frame (that has no back) with 4 separate coats of Spar clear varnish. This one has a 20" x 16" opening. Lay it face down outdoors and lay 1" poultry netting across back and push down to make sure netting is flush with front of frame, then secure with small nails or staples. Cover that (from back side) heavily with wet Spanish or spagnum moss. Pour a layer of cactus growing medium on top

  • Debra Bancroft

    If you have some vintage picture frames and you want to reuse them then you can make a hanging succulent garden. Of course you can also use some other plants and even grow herbs in such hanging garden but succulents and cactuses looks so good and are so easy to keep them alive that they are the best choice for such project. If you want your succulent garden to pop out you can sand your frame and paint it in some bright color.

  • Amy Smith

    DIY: Tutorial - Framed Vertical Succulent Garden #DIY #tutorial #succulent #decoration #home #decor #interior #design #garden #vertical

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Succulent container gardens can transform bland outdoor spaces into inviting living areas. In turn, the plants benefit from warmth radiated by your home’s walls and hardscape and require little water or upkeep.

You HANG it on your WALL!! I can't wait to have a house WITH a backyard too. Sigh. hahaha

I purchased some of these today... how I wish I had enough to make this! ♥

They like hanging out*. | 32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best Plants Ever

I love the color and texture and depth while still subtle and simple.

turn an old mirror into a succulent garden!

Succulents are striking, but many are small and low-growing, making them hard to appreciate when planted in the ground. Planting a mix of hardy hens and chicks (Sempervivum sp.) in a hanging sphere allows you to enjoy them in a new way. Work from a wire form with soil, then press individual plants into holes no deeper than their roots. Would love to try this? Hmmm?

Living topiary wreath, I love them, so gorgeous! Love the colours and texture of the plants. A circle of happiness!!