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Even though this is a golden doodle... it looks just like my little Barkley (cock-a-poo)

A mutt disguised as a Designer dog - Golden-doodle. Thousands available at the local shelter or rescue :-)

This is just ridiculously cute -- Goldendoodle puppy that looks like a freakin' stuffed animal. Want to boop on the nose

I'm a cat lover... but I saw a full-grown golden doodle in the park last weekend & it was love at first sight! It's part golden retriever + part poodle, hypoallergenic.

mini-goldendoodle! Saw one of these come through the drive through at Cane's and have to have one. It was the cutest dog and when I asked the owner what the breed was the name sold me! *I apologize to all who were confused about how this adorable dog might be a "Crafty Craft" he has been moved to his correct board.

Goldendoodles. We are interested in possibly a second dog as a friend for our baby