• Jaime stachowiak

    People watch their favorite movies repeatedly, why not re read a good book?

  • Rana😈

    it's awesome! Or watching the movie Next Friday Abc Family Harry Potter Marathon Friday at 7:30

  • Madeleine Powley

    So true.. it's like watching an awesome movie over and over again, only better:)

  • Tristen Smith

    It's awesome... and what you should be surprised at is that it's ONLY the 5th time! The Hunger Games!

  • Judith W.

    No, I don't think reading a book for the 5th time is stupid. It's awesome. Especially if the main character is Harry potter!

  • Brennie Krause-Kyler

    I love re reading my favorite books, its like visiting an old friend. Sometimes it feels like home... just sayin' Blk

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