I think I might use Christmas colors for food coloring and use these for Christmas gifts!

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Rainbow Cake in Jar recipe.

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Kit Kat Cake!

Nutella cake in a jar-serious bad news

Irish Dirt Cake

Fun summer snack, its a rainbow!!!

cute boy birthday

Rainbow Cupcakes


Polka Dot Cake

...Individual Oreo Cheesecakes (No bake)

Rainbow Truffles :)

Divide batter into six bowls. Add food coloring to each to achieve desired vibrancy. Quickly squeeze or spoon colored batter in concentric circles onto prepared iron. Start with purple in the center, surround with blue, then green, yellow, orange, and red. Cook according to waffle maker Kids would love this

How to make rainbow cake in a jar -with yoyomax12

Van Gough wedding cake

Doodle cake

Coffee Cake in a mug

Great for class parties or birthday's! Can't wait for our January baby to have class parties for her birthday because neither of the boys did. <3

Cake Batter Dip: 1 rainbow cake mix, 1.5 c plain yogurt, 1 tub cool whip; serve with animal crackers. OMG!