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    How To Save Tomato Seeds » The Homestead Survival

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    Saving tomato seeds for next year? You’ll have a bigger chance of success when you save seeds of heirloom tomatoes instead of hybrids. Heirloom tomatoes

  • Judy Houser

    One pinner says...Simply squeeze the tomato seeds on to a paper plate, allow them to dry, stick the plate inside a plastic bag, and pick off the seeds as needed when beginning indoor planting--been doing this for years with 99% germination. ...We save seeds from any new variety we've enjoyed from the grocery store.

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In 2013 I ventured into the world of saving seeds, and I started with tomatoes. I followed some lovely directions I found online from the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County(this), and I will summarize them for you here. Selecting Your Tomatoes 1. Choose heirloom. Make sure you are NOT saving seeds from hybrid plants- …

How to save tomato seeds - wish I had seen this about two months ago