Family literacy bags from Reading Rockets; each kit includes book suggestions and activities you can do at storytime or send home with parents. Everything is available online to print (except the books).

Reading Rockets: Family Literacy Bags. Includes free pdf files with book, craft and activity suggestions on a theme.

Hey, music teachers! Prep for March's Music in Our Schools Month!

Hillary's Highlights: Confessions of a Music Teacher Music in Our Schools Month- March- this day in Music history

Welcome to March! Elementary Music Unit- MARCHes, Form, Dynamics, Instruments of marching band & Ireland!

Reading Rockets' Family Literacy Bag on Food

Family Literacy Night Book Drawing

family literacy bags. many to choose from

independent activities for preschool that promote literacy development. Great alphabet activities.

Books About Puddles...fiction and nonfiction books for kids

Folktales, Fairy Tales and Myths: hands-on activities, suggested books, family literacy bags, & more! #parenting #summerreading #literacy #books #summerlearning

Heroes and Superheroes: Hands-on activities, books suggestions, family literacy bags, & more! #parenting #literacy #summerlearning #reading #kidlit

Book Marks to send home with Guided Reading books FOR THE STRUGGLING READERS

FREE Family Literacy Bags from Reading Rockets! Just download the instructions, activities, and bookmarks to go along with the books listed and enjoy with your child.

By integrating music into your classroom, you are introducing a new take on that subject. Music is relating and filled with emotion. When learning about a new culture, why not show your students the music, activities, and customs of that culture. Students need to be given an opportunity to see that a culture is just another group of people, just like them.

The Pennsylvania Center for the Book - Family Literacy Activities

Great list of books for kids.

Great crafts and activities to pair with some wonderful books for hands-on learning!

simple book writing activity

Acting out books while reading......great emergent literacy activity for toddlers!!!

Family Literacy Night Printable Kit for #preschool #kindergarten