Fisher Price Little Snoopy

Not just a memory. My brother had one when we were young. When I grew up I decided to get my own vintage Troll Doll. Mine is approx. 9" tall and has lilac coloured hair. I also have a collection of trolls that come out at Christmas time-- the twelve trolls of Christmas I call them.

Remember these? :)

remember these?

transistor radio

I remember making these!

Snap Lock Beads... I remember playing with them and I remember my kids playing with them!

remember this glue for school!!

One of my favorite toys

favorite childhood game

My Favorite Martian

Vintage - Fisher Price Activity Center. I had this in my crib, I believe...I totally remember this.

Fisher Price phone

A friend of mine had one and I just loved to play with it. Wish I could remember the song it played.

Fisher Price Garage,

Remember this?

Does anyone remember the song that was on the commercials? Man, I hated cleaning up the little plastic pieces.

We never had this, but I think there was one in the church nursery when I was a helper, circa 1981-ish, because I remember playing with all the different parts!

Remember these?

Simon #80's

People's! my favorite toys!