Fisher Price Little Snoopy

remember these?

Not just a memory. My brother had one when we were young. When I grew up I decided to get my own vintage Troll Doll. Mine is approx. 9" tall and has lilac coloured hair. I also have a collection of trolls that come out at Christmas time-- the twelve trolls of Christmas I call them.

Remember this Glue?

Snap Lock Beads... I remember playing with them and I remember my kids playing with them!

transistor radio

I remember making these!

WOW remember this?

favorite childhood game

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My Favorite Martian

I had one and loved it...

Loved this game

Plastic Bubbles --I can still remember how this smelled......I LOVED it!!!

Who remembers this old classic?

Remember this ?

Vintage Mr. Potato Head from 1972 What was your favorite toy as a child? (© The Strong)

Yes! I used to drag this thing behind me all the time, talking on the phone!

.::I believe We had one of these also....boy that was a long time ago...

vintage early 50s Fisher Price "quacky duck and family" pull toy

I actually remember when I got this for Christmas.