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    Fisher Price Little Snoopy

    One of my favorite toys

    Ohh i forgot i had one of these!

    Fisher Price phone

    Fisher Price horse. My mom still has it

    Pull toy dog!

    Trouble. I loved the way the middle bubble would sound when you would "pop" it.

    The Farmer says....the cow goes.... MOOOOOOO Pull the string toy. Mattel 1970s.

    remember these? I hid my kid's.

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    I remember this!

    1980's girl's toys | Willow Writer: Tuesday's Top Ten - My Favorite 80s Toys....MINE STILL WORKS!!!!!!!

    I remember this!

    A friend of mine had one and I just loved to play with it. Wish I could remember the song it played.

    toys from the 70s | Toys 2 Remember: Remember the original Fisher-Price Little Snoopy?

    I actually remember when I got this for Christmas.

    Spent hours playing with one of these... until I got stung by a wasp while waving my arm in the air wildly :-(

    remember these??

    Who didn't have this toy rolling around their house? I think the Tupperware lady sold it?

    have always loved these

    toys of the 80s | FisherPrice 464 POCKET CAMERA 70s by tedsfptoys on Etsy~remember the square flash bulb would wiggle back and firth when you pushed the button!