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I'd forgotten how much you loved me. I'd forgotten how much I loved being her. Amy Pond in the TARDIS with Rory Williams. If you love me, don't let me in. Open that door, I will. I'll come in. I don't want to die. I won't bow out bravely, I'll scream and fight to the end. Don't let me in. Tell Amy—your Amy—I'm giving her the days. The days with you. Days to come. The days I can't have. Take them please. I'm giving her my days.

It's true. We learned from Amy, who waited 50 years (12 then 2 then 36) and Rory, who waited 1845.

The Girl Who Waited 5x7 print by theGorgonist on Etsy, $7.00 Lenore Mieth I don't know what scene this is from but its beautiful!

That was literally my first response in my head before I even saw the bottom picture. WHAT IS MY LIFE.

The picture every Dr. Who fan has been waiting for… I like the random monster just walking around in the background.

"Wait till you read Book 7. Oh, I cried..."

The Boy Who Waited | Doctor Who | Rory 11x14 art poster print by theGorgonist on Etsy, $20.00

23 Reasons To Love Peter Capaldi Everything you need to know about the Twelfth Doctor.

If not the best couple in science fiction (and they may be!), they're definitely the cutest.

That was my reaction as well. People are saying that Capaldi is going to be a jerk, I don't agree. I think the Doctor is on his way to the happiest time of his life! And also, people say Capaldi is too old?? Capaldi came out and said he's about 1350 years too young to play the Doctor.

Heaven Help Us! But the real question is, who is the woman in the shop? Could it be Rose? Martha? Amy? River? A disguised version of Clara herself so that this Clara could meet the Doctor, and thus save him? The only one of the companions who can be ruled out is Donna. I hope we find out who the mysterious "woman in the shop" is in the 50th!