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The reason for spatchcocking is two-fold: it allows the meat to cook more evenly and clears out valuable oven space on a day that will test any kitchen’s mettle. Roast Spatchcocked Turkey from @Clay and Zach of The Bitten Word, found at

If you're short on cooking time, a spatchcocked bird might be your best friend; a twelve pounder will cook in about an hour and a half. Plus it leaves the meat exceptionally juicy and skin cracklingly crisp. Roast Spatchcocked Turkey from @Martha Stewart, found at

If you're going something a little different this year (perhaps the Coconut & Pomegranate Turkey we posted last week on this board) why not make some Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes. The earthy sweetness couldn't be more holiday appropriate & the Indian spices add a slew of new reasons to be thankful. From @deb of Smitten Kitchen, found at

Thursday is nothing if not perfect for this recipe: Special Occasion Turkey from @Food52, found at

When they see your beautifully burnished bird your family will surely be impressed. When they taste it's exotic flavors, they'll be amazed. Coconut & Pomegranate marinated Turkey from @Food Republic, found at

Warm up your leftovers, warm up your soul. A few extra ingredients turn your turkey into a spicy posole. From, found at

If you're only cooking for a small crowd today, this Roast Turkey Breast with Potatoes, Green Beans & Mustard Pan-Sauce has the meal covered. From @Bon Appetit Magazine, found at

Brussel Spout, Turkey & Potato Hash will satisfy the whole bunch at dinner or breakfast and use uo those last few bits of leftover goodness. From @Serious Eats, found at