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    With the Superbowl upon us, we are all searching for delicious foods and dips to serve our friends at Super Bowl parties.   Many of us also have healthy resolutions this year and it can be hard to ...

    Add finding and collecting wild mushrooms to your #selfreliance skill set. Here is how to start learning....

    How to make your own tallow. Rendered tallow makes lovely soap, and has many other uses, it can be stored for extended periods without the need for refrigeration to prevent it from going rancid. #homesteading #selfreliance #prepping

    Survival 101: How to Survive in the Wilderness - everything in one place from backpacker magazine. Excellant. #backpacking #survival #prepping

    When I think of bartering supplies my mind automatically goes to a SHTF scenario. There are a lot of list out there for such scenes, but ultimately what you choose to barter is up to you. Many people stock things like silver, gold, cigarettes or alcohol or coffee. While these can be great items, they are also expensive.

    It is that time of year again!! Fleas and ticks are starting to be reborn just to terrorize us and our beloved animals. They can be very dangerous giving your animal heart worms or Lyme disease and just like with our own bodies we may not want to put harsh chemicals on our animals or our yards.

    How to make a simple soap at home! Learn it as a Self Reliance Skill! Step by step directions, with two recipes, equipment lists and pictures! There are so many benefits to making your own soap - learn how today!

    Easy, safe recipes for window cleaners! You will never spend $5.00 on a bottle of Cleaner again.

    Have you ever considered insurance as part of your prep plan? This article offers great incite to why you might want to think about it.

    Cheap Home Made Mosquito Trap

    Worm Grunting

    What would happen if you went snowmobiling, broke down, and forgot your survival pack? This article gives great advice on how to use your snowmobile to start a fire.

    A wonderful article with detailed video tutorials on how to easily slaughter your own chickens for food storage.

    DIY Window Cleaner (Without Ammonia)

    DIY Compost Bin or Washing Machine?

    DIY Raised Bed or GardeningDIY Raised Bed For GardeningGuest article by GardenGalBevy

    Have you ever heard of Schutzhund Training for your dog? Do you think it the same as personal protection training? You might be surprised at the results.

    Homemade Dishwasher Soap

    Pet Food – What to Store and How

    EDC Car Kits

    Cooking Salmon With Herbs From Your Garden

    Training Your Dog For Survival

    Canning your peas has never been easier!! There are also wonderful recipe links included so you can make scrumptious dishes with your stored peas.

    How To: Use a compass

    Very detailed Bug Out Bag list of essentials!