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  • Wendy Geisel

    Not a puppy but so cute! Baby owl.

  • Xin Kuan

    Baby Dwarf Hamster - cute pets and animals

  • Tanya Thomas

    "Cute Baby Owl! I am totally for genetic engineering animals so they still look like babies their whole lives! That would solve all the animal shelter problems because no one would ever lose the puppy face they fell in love with...............seriously people, this is NOT an owl. It's a dwarf hamster. " lol at the comment but it is really cute :3

  • CCokl

    fake, fake, fake. this cute baby owl with hamster's hands and toes....?? it is a baby hamster with the head of an owl, a manipulated picture!!

  • Becca Palmer

    Baby owl. Baby animals are adorable

  • Lisa Carver

    Tiny, baby hamster. So cute!

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