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I don't get it :b

unless it's about elephants it's irrelephant. thus an elephant should never feel irrelephant!


Funny pictures about Confessions of a drunk baby. Oh, and cool pics about Confessions of a drunk baby. Also, Confessions of a drunk baby photos.

This exact conversation happened to me when I was 4 years old. I drew a picture of a carrot and I was SO proud of myself. I showed my mom and she just said, "that's nice." She didn't even look at the picture before she said it.

Reminds me of our family vacation this past summer when my grown children (all 4 of them) colored a picture during a family picnic. It is STILL on the fridge here at my house!


Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert

Or Harry Potter, or Glee, or Disney movies, or Boy Meets World, or FRIENDS...


If I can't quote Mean Girls with you, you dont deserve to be my friend. That is so fetch!

Think I saw this last night!!!!!!!

Sometimes you don’t realise how drunk you are until you fall over and realise you have turned into a flamingo. A hilarious picture of a drunk flamingo.

Top: fb profile pic Bottom: drivers license pic!

Funny pictures about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Oh, and cool pics about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Also, Say cheese! Ok maybe not.