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  • Leidy R

    I use this in life and also in my classroom. I tell my students to challenge themselves and push a little harder. The concept seems to hit home. If third graders can do it, so I can I. I'll keep this in mind when working out!!

  • Donna Standifur

    fitness motivation inspiration fitspo

  • Patrycja

    via [Follow us on Fitness 2 Inspire for more motivational quotes]


    So true. U are ur own worst enemy

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Please believe me, I would much rather be out and living my life. I am not lazy, I am just constantly treading water and trying to keep my head above it.

My symptoms might not make sense, but that's what happens when your brain get's fucked up.

This is a great motivator - but would also look great on a hockey scrapbook page! Hmmm ... Might have a few hockey pics around :)

I'm trying to be what I'm supposed to be and some days are better than others...Don't judge me and think my actions are different than my words. YOU can't choose how I feel and have no idea what is going on in my life.

...when you are telling the truth and not worried about what others think or the lies they try to tell all I do is just smile and be me!! I am an amazing person..I have grown girls that take a lot of time out of their day to watch and worry about what I am doing. The sad part is they don't know a damn thing about me but my Ill keep being me because apparently Im doing something right

I just survived a week of hell cuz my doc had some sort of confusion n his office n didn't get my prescriptions called n. I thought to myself if I make it thru this I might b able 2 learn 2 live my life with fibromyalgia n not give up.

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Some days this can be my mantra, but then some days like yesterday and today I'm still in bed and this just makes me want to cry.

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