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  • Katie Hatzidakis

    a broken heart.

  • Emily Sedlacek

    "Tell me about him." "What do you want to know?" "Anything, everything. What kind of person was he?" I feel a smile make its way onto my face,"(Insert description of Alex)" "He sounds like a great Guy." "He was...he is. He's my bestfriend." "Do you miss him a lot?" How was I supposed to answer that without freaking him out? The simple answer was yes, but it just didn't feel right to leave it at that. In truth, every atom of me missed him.

  • Katharina Kaufmann

    Love Quote 245489

  • Tanya Parker

    Story of my life.

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it's hard not to fall in love with someone when they see the mixed up parts of you soul. when they understand thae darkest and dustiest corners of your mind. when it's four a.m. and they call because they kow you're not asleep

I don't know what they are called, the spaces between seconds -- but I think of you always in those intervals. #sweet #quote

So very true sweetheart!! You are so beautiful, so amazing!! And when we are is heaven for sure my love!!!

I Wish You Were Here, I'd Rather Be Alone, Typography Art, 8x10 Print, by Gingiber on Etsy

Macbeth – Act 4, Scene 3 - Shakespeare Hey you guys, I met someone nice. I'm dealing with that part of you Ron that always said it was just another cruel joke God was playing. Maybe not. It was a good day guys.

I fell for U along time ago and still today you take my breath away...I LOVE YOU BABE!!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER YOU HAVE MY HEART!

We have a tradition of going to the store and not buying cards for each other, but giving them to one another...IN THE STORE! (Are we cheap?) Anyway, this is a great one! ;)

when your fist clenches so hard, and you feel it but cant say it or put it into proper words.... yeah scribbles. so hard your sharpy goes flat. Like you've used it on concrete.

i don't know the way but i'll be there soon • from a daily letterpress project • ian coyle

It killed me when you defended someone who didn't love you as selflessly as I did. Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I hope you won't make the same mistakes with the next girl. I just wish you had made them with the girl before me.