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I Believe in Monsters. Monster are in the mirror.

Panic attacks and Anxiety. When you lose control, can't think straight, can't stop shaking and totally break down.

Because as we all know, this story wouldn't be complete without at least one member of the Hunt almost going insane...

'The Tragedy in Life is Not Death, it is What We Let Die inside of Us While We Live', Norman Cousins Quote. So True.

I can't look at myself without wishing I looked like someone else #depression- MOVE ON!! Don't linger on this!!

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You tell me this but the deeper part of me knows, this is not true. Its your way of controlling my mind and my heart. Beware, the chains will soon break and you'll then need to find a new fool.

lost truth depression suicidal suicide I DON'T KNOW broken hopeless cut cutter not mine fake help me bulimic im fine fake smile i'm lying stressful credittotheowner im worthless Anoreixa eating disroders depressive quotes monsters are inside us are real

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Dear Bulimia, You fought hard but I WON - Civilized Caveman

Dear Bulimia, You fought hard but I WON. I am a Man and proud to say I beat you.

I HATE every single bit of myself, mind, body and spirit, I just need to get the strength together to kill myself!!

I can't bear to look at myself anymore. I have failed as a husband and friend. I will never know a love as good as yours, you will always be my one and only.

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The Universe and Her And I poem 221

This is meeeee!!

Addiction quote - Addiction is a monster; it lives inside, and feeds off of you, takes from you, controls you, and destroys you. It is a bea...

Not all Monsters do Monstrous things | Aurelio made this with

the monsters don't live beneath my bed, they live inside my head.