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    Until There's A Cure charity Bracelet #untilTheresACure

    • Milkshake....... all that's good

      #untilTheresACure It's the little decisions we make every day that make the biggest choosing to enjoy this beautiful day with the dogs in the garden instead of being slave to the TV/Olympics even though our good friend Michael Phelps will be swimming soon. Cheerful thoughts will be much more powerful from out here!

    • Until There's A Cure

      Until There's A Cure charity Bracelet #untilTheresACure

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    Until There's A Cure Charity Bracelet. Join our campaign to Raise Awareness: snap & post your bracelet pic #UntilTheresACure

    Until There's A Cure Charity Bracelet. I wear the Orphan Bracelets and the African Art Bracelets #UntilTheresACure

    Until There's A Cure Charity Bracelet. Charlie raises awareness by sporting the Until orphan bracelet.

    Until There's A Cure Charity Bracelet. Sterling Silver Ribbon Bangle Bracelet $95, Orphan Bangle Fairtrade Bracelet $15, Recycled Paper Bead Fairtrade Bracelet $5

    Until There's A Cure ... Be part of the solution ... End HIV/AIDS Now Michael Phelps wears The Bracelet

    Do you wear HOPE or AFRICAN ART or The Classic Cuff #UntilTheresACure? How do you show pride & end stigma?

    Aids And Hiv

    Olympic runner @IamCRod wears AFRICAN ART & BAND OF BEADS #UntilTheresACure to Restart the Convo. Post a pic of your bracelets!

    Delicious way to cure sore throat

    #CyberMonday There is nothing better than the look on someone’s face as they unwrap a gift they love. That person’s expression and joy is a gift in and of itself. Today, on Cyber Monday, remember the gift that keeps on giving. Make a donation in someone else’s name or purchase a bracelet that will not only bring joy to the receiver but hope to a whole community of people affected by HIV/AIDS. #UntilTheresACure

    Autism Awareness Bracelets. Every Charity Bracelet sold gives back 1 dollar to each charity. puravidabracelets...

    Cara wears the African Bronze, The Cuff, and the Lime Jelly to Raise Awareness #UntilTheresACure

    We hold hands, united we stand #UntilTheresACure

    Water is crucial for your health, not only does it help with pain, muscle cramps & keeping your entire body more hydrated (including plumping up your skin - which makes is more youthful) it also keeps keeps flushing out toxins. It can even help with headaches & feeling tired!

    As a cancer champion, ginger has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative effects upon tumors making ginger a promising chemopreventive agent.

    Vitamins and the Body

    Keep working out

    Know the Best Time to Hydrate | 18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

    Benefits of Iodine by The Health Ranger Never knew this until I had a deficiency due to never eating salt-I still hate salt but have to eat it once a day now or take supplements

    Recycled Beaded Leather Rainbow Chevron Choker or Bracelet